Advocacy is our mission.



We understand that navigating special needs education can be overwhelming and challenging. Our services allow for ongoing support throughout every stage of your journey. We can ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with current challenges, and empower you to be in control of your child's future. 

We offer specific advocacy services within both the legal framework and education system.  Tailored to your individual circumstances, we can help you evaluate your options and determine the best course of action for you and your child. 



Consultation & Advocacy Services


  • Initial Consultation - Includes an individualized advocacy action plan, tailored to your child’s unique needs, with referrals to professionals and resources.


Advocacy Services as Required

  • Pep Talk Package - Initial 30 minute phone consult, and one additional hour of work. 
  • Advocacy Action Package - Five hours of individualized support.
  • Hourly as needed


What We Do

Educational Consulting & Advocacy

  • Review and summarize educational records
  • Review of testing and evaluations
  • Create action plans for accessing appropriate services and programs
  • Referral to local professionals for evaluations and services
  • Research public school special ed options
  • Research appropriate private special ed schools
  • Parent coaching for IEP meetings and parent - teacher conferences
  • Drafting of required communications and letters  



  • Able to lay strategic framework for parents pursuing legal action
  • Identify when legal action is beneficial and connect to experienced attorneys
  • Provide guidance on parent-school communications

I worked with Lara during my transition from EI to CPSE.  Lara’s help was invaluable!  She helped me navigate the process and system and taught me how best to advocate for my daughter.  Lara pointed out key pieces of information that I should highlight in my meetings that allowed me to drive the conversation and get the services that my daughter needed.  She made me feel empowered as a mom, in charge of my daughter’s future.  Not only did Lara help get the desired outcomes, but she is just a pleasure to have on your side.
— Tracy, Mom to Daughter Andie (Age 3)


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