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Lara uses her experience as a special education attorney, public school teacher, and mother to best advocate for your children.

Lara's passion as a special education attorney was always helping the little ones. Her understanding for parents is enhanced by her own experience of navigating early intervention and preschool-level services for her son. Her patience and compassion are much needed and always welcomed by parents who are dealing with the overwhelming and emotional tasks of addressing their child’s earliest educational challenges. 


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"Lara made me feel empowered as a mom, in charge of my daughter's future."

Mrs. Damashek was a huge help to us in getting the process started to access special services for our child. She helped us understand our educational rights and options and drafted correspondence to the right players. She made the process go so much more smoothly and successfully!
— Stephanie, Mom to Son Sam (Age 6)

We quickly turned to Lara for advice and guidance when our daughter was being evaluated at school for special services. Lara was able to answer all of our questions and provide insight on the best questions to ask and how to move things along. Her help at our meeting was invaluable. We can’t thank her enough for her continued support and knowledge.
— Dabney, Mom to Daughter Poppy (Age 7)

The process felt overwhelming, but Lara simplified everything to make it manageable. I felt lost and didn’t know where to begin. Lara walked me through everything. She is kind, patient and answered every silly question I had. We are so lucky to have found her.
— Jodi, Mom to Daughter Ava (Age 2.5)

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